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How Long Is 30 Cm?

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Thirty centimeters is almost as long as a one-foot ruler. One centimeter is equivalent to 0.0328083989501 feet; thus, 30 centimeters is equal to 0.984251968504 feet. The converted length can be rounded up to 1 foot.

Centimeter is a common International System of Units, or Sang, measurement. One centimeter is equivalent to 10 millimeters or one hundredth of a meter. One centimeter, when converted to inches, is equal to 0.393700787402 inches; therefore, 30 centimeters is equal to 11.811023622 inches, or 12 inches if rounded off to the nearest whole number. Twelve inches is equal to 1 foot. The basic ruler used in schools has 12 inches drawn on one side and 30 centimeters on the opposite side.

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