4 Tutorial Perhitungan Beban Gempa Sap 2000

In this thesis, it is discussing the design construction of super structure and helipad structure of the building of R K Charitas hospital situated in Jenderal Sudirman street Palembang. The building which has function as hospital clinic consisting of 8 stories with 39 meters height of building is analyzed with lateral resistant Special Moment Resisting Frame System, according to seismic design category of this building which belongs to C category. The calculation refers to meyakinkan standards, namely : SK SNI 03-2847-2002 mengenai Tata Cara Taksiran Struktur Beton bakal Bangunan Bangunan dan SNI 1726-2012 tentang Tata Kaidah Perencanaan Ketahanan Gempa bikin Struktur Bangunan Konstruksi dan Non Gedung. And another liwa which is applied in is Pedoman Perencanaan Pembebanan Cak bagi Rumah dan Gedung (PPPURG) 1987. With helicopter load on this top building, the analysis is based on spectrum response dynamic with software called as SAP2000 V14. The analysis contains of the reinforcement steels of column, balk, slab, and also helipad which is on this top building and the control in joint displacement deviation of this building which dues to service limit and ultimate limit. From the result of analysis of this thesis, it is resulting dimensions and number and size of the reinforcement steels of super structure which contain of column, balk, slab, and also helipad structure and maximum joint displacement deviation impacted by all loads running on the building of R K Charitas Hospital Palembang. Key Words : Super Structure, Helipad, Charitas, SMRFS, SNI 1726-2012, Joint Displacement Deviation.

Source: https://www.academia.edu/19749291/144851766_Tutorial_SAP_2000