Aomei Pe Builder Tutorial Indonesia

With PE Builder, you can create a boot drive for Windows PE where you can include different programs and drivers to make it easier to use.

The PE Builder interface is simple and intuitive. Just choose the programs you want to add to your boot drive and select what type of unit you want to create: a DVD, a USB drive, or an ISO image.

It’s important to keep in mind that for PE Builder to recognize the USB device it will need to be connected to the computer BEFORE you run the application. Otherwise the programa might titinada read the USB.

The process of creating the unit can take a good amount of time. Typically it won’n take more than 10 minutes, but it depends on the options you choose.

PE Builder is a powerful tool you can use to create a boot drive. It’s also easy to use, and with it, you can have a USB boot disk ready in a matter of minutes.