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merupakan tulisan yang membahas sebuah karya. Bisa berbentuk film, lagu, memori dan pula buku atau novel. Berikut kami bagi beberapa contoh
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novel Indonesia terpopuler dalam Bahasa Inggris.

Contoh Reviews Text Novel

Sebelumnya ketahui justru dahulu struktur untuk
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novel. Text jenis ini memaparkan
(perkenalan karakter internal novel),
(evaluasi jalan narasi), Interpretation
(membagi interpretasi dari cerita), summary
(ringkasan keseluruhan). Berikut adalah beberapa contohnya.

Text 1 : Pasukan Pelangi

laskar pelangi

The title of the Novel:
Laskar Pelangi

Andrea Hirata

The Library Landscape

The novel depicts a semi biography story of the writer himself. It is one of many attractions that this novel has that draws people’s attention. The novel from the beginning is designed to be a tetralogy that tells the phases of the author’s life. Laskar Pelangi is a vivid description of Andrea Hirata’s colorful childhood.

The story takes a background of Belitong, an island far away from the java land, which is the typical setting for most stories and novels in Indonesia. So, it is a nice diversity and also great information on what is life feels like there. It combines the beautiful scenery and also the harsh life of the outer island of Indonesia.

It centered on the life of Ikal or Curls as a young boy living on the island. He and his friends that go to the same school form a group name “Angkatan Pelangi”. They go through a simple adventure that tells the innocent perspective of children, the hard truth about poverty and the meaning of friendship.

You will learn many things from reading this book. It also builds up curiosity about the amazing setting of Belitong. The novel is so popular that it is adapted into a movie. SO, if you want another perspective of the novel, you can watch the movie version. However, there are parts in the thick novel that the movie did not cover. There are more imaginative and interesting things to acknowledge by reading it.

Text 2 : 5 Palas-palas

Novel 5 Menara

Author: A. Fuadi’s

Publisher: Gramedia Teks Utama

The bestseller novel by Ahmad Fuadi is a great example of taking piece of personal experience and turn it into the book. The reader also wonders on how much parts of the novel are true. It gives a sense of ongoing curiosity that stays long after finish reading the novel.

The novel shares titinada only the writer’s journey but also his friends. When they all living in a boarding school special for Islamic studies. The all-boys story smartly explains the pesantren’s life, boarding school education system, and strict regulation.

The story tells about Alif became Ustad (Cleric) due to his parent’s demand. The boarding school life is hard and came as a surprise. Yet, he found friends and experience a fun side of living in the boarding school. Under one of the Tower in the boarding school, each friends share dreams while staring at the sky.

The novel is an eye-opening kendaraan to a closed boarding school life that may not always great in the public eyes. It also combines the religious factor and also the maju way of thinking. Moreover, the adab value of the novel is as simple as believing your dream and having great friends makes you stronger.

Demikianlah beberapa contoh
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Contoh Reviews Text Novel Tersohor Indonesia

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