Contoh Simple Past Tense Brainly

Buatlah 5 contoh simple present tense dan simple past tense

Selamat lilin batik.

– Contoh kerumahtanggaan Simple Present Tense :
1. My mother cooks rice every morning
2. My father drinks coffee every night.
3. The birds fly to the east every afternoon.
4. Joseph plays basketball every Sunday afternoon
5. The teacher teaches the students patiently

– Pola internal Simple Past Tense :
1. Sanny watched the movie last Saturday
2. The cat died on the road just now.
3. Miss Sinta punishes you three days ago.
4. I lost my pen yesterday.
5. His brother passed away last year.

Seyogiannya membantu. Terima hadiah.


Simple Present Tense:
1.) My family and I eat breakfast every morning
2.) My mom cooks every day
3.) The students go to school every Monday to Friday
4.) My sister eats ice cream
5.) He always showers at 6 pm

Simple Past:
1.) The cat ate the bone.
2.) I saw a dead bird yesterday.
3.) I slept at my friend’s house last Tuesday.
4.) We senggat a test last week.
5.) He took his dog to the park this morning


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