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How to Get Microsoft Word


There are 1.2 billion Microsoft Office users worldwide, and Microsoft Word is easily the most commonly used word processor. Sharing and collaborating using Word files is easy and increasingly common. Here are a couple of ways you can get your hands on a copy of Microsoft Word.

Free Online Office Apps

Microsoft Office apps are available for free from the Office website. All you need to do is select the icon for the app you want to use. Choose from Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote. You need a Microsoft account to gain access. If you don’t have an account, create one for free. After logging in, you can choose to create a blank document or choose from hundreds of templates. One of the best things about the online version of Microsoft Word is that it automatically saves your work for you. If you’re familiar with Word, the online app looks very similar. Along the top, the ribbon includes all the basic tools, but the free online app doesn’t have everything you get with the purchased Microsoft Word processor. You can copy and paste, insert images, add links and format your text. One of the perks of using online Microsoft Word is you can invite others to review and make changes to your document in real time. If you need Word for just the basics and don’n want to pay for a copy on your PC, the free online app is the way to go.

If you want to purchase a license to use Word on your desktop or laptop, you can do that by visiting the Office store to download a copy of Word for one PC or Mac. The current version is compatible with macOS or Windows 10. Make sure you have enough free space on your hard drive for the programa before installing. You need 4GB of disk space on a PC and 10GB on a Mac. You also need internet access and a Microsoft account to download a copy of Word.

Buy in Store

You can always buy a copy of Microsoft Word in various retail stores. Electronics stores like Best Buy and Staples stock copies of Microsoft Office as well as just Word on its own. If you’re a student, you can buy Microsoft Office Student and save some money.


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