I His Car Last Night

The white pelican is one of the fish-eating birds, which has broad wings, a long neck, a thick body, and short legs. Its beak is long and yellow-orange. The white pelicans hunt fish for their food. Their needs make these birds fly. They are good swimmers too. They live mostly in warm areas such as islands, the sea, and the shore. When the birds spread their wings, we can see black flight feathers, which make them very unique birds in this world. They use their beaks to catch fish. Their beaks are like weapons for hunting their prey. The white pelicans like to fly in a group. Their formation will change when the water is shallow to catch the fish, then their beaks will dip into the water to get their food . We can find white pelicans in Kalimantan, Sumatra, Lombok, and other islands in Indonesia. Modern pelicans can be found all adv lewat the world, except in Antarctica. ” _____ weapon for hunting their prey” (line 6) The word “prey” in the sentence also means …. A. foe B. ally C. quarry D. opponent


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