Isn T She Lovely Guitar Tutorial

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In this live stream recording we tackle a benaran quality pop song from Stevie Wonder. Isn’t She Lovely is comprised of some really cool chord shapes and a very interesting chord progression. We also take a look at the cool riff at the end of each verse section and the melody line to help you create a cool arrangement of the song. We would set this song as an intermediate lesson, but give it a go if you are a high beginner level as you will get some cool new chords out of it!

The ‘A Section’ Chords

We will begin by learning the chords from the verse of the track. You can play these chords wherever you like, but Simone uses the following chord shapes:

C#m11 /// F#9 /// A/B /// E / G#7#9 / C#m11 /// F#9 /// A/B /// E / E9 /

The ‘B Section’ Chords

As we move into the next section of the song we have a different chord progression and a different set of chords to play around with. We call this the B Section as we basically loop the A and B section throughout the song! Here are the chords:

Amaj7 /// G#7#5 /// C#m11 /// F#9 /// A/B /// //// E (/// ////)

The little lead line!

At the end of every single loop we hear a cool little lead part. This is based upon the E major pentatonic, using the shape 5 and shape 1. The shapes are as follows, and the notes are also shown in the third tab. Be sure to follow along with Simone in the “0:22 minutes” of the video.

Thank you Simone!

Once again a massive thank you to Simone, who is a top top tutor. If you loved this live stream lesson and want to book a Skype 1-2-1 lesson with Simone then please get in touch here: skype guitar lessons.

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