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Jurassic World Evolution
has been out for a little while now and is making good on the promise of allowing players to feel like they are running their very own dinosaur theme park. It released first digitally, but has now released in physical matra almost a month later. from the outset, there’s a fair amount to learn, and the game doesn’ufuk necessarily explain it all that well. Luckily we’ve put together this
Jurassic World Evolution Guide
which contains all the info you need to know to get started. This includes tips, tricks, info on how to sell dinosaurs, and more.

We’ll be adding more and more guides as we spend more time with the game,as there’s a fair bit of content on offer. For now, we’re going to focus on Jurassic World Evolution Beginner’s Biaya siluman and Tricks, Divisions explained, how to create your first set of dinosaurs, and the release date.

Jurassic World Evolution Guide

We’re titinada convinced that Jurassic Park World does a great job at giving you all the info you need to get going with your virtual dino park, so we’ve put together a comprehensive collection of guides. Read on for all you need to build the dinosaur theme-park of your dreams in Jurassic World Evolution on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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How to Create Dinosaurs in Jurassic World Evolution

Given that that your main source of income is a collection of prehistoric animals, you’re going to want to get as many as possible. Creating Dinosaurs in Jurassic World Evolution is a little more complicated than sticking two dinosaurs in a secluded enclosure together and pumping in some Barry White. Given that all dinosaurs in this world are, by design, female, there’s no chance of any breeding. Instead, you have to use genetic engineering using the DNA from fossils you dig up to get new dinosaurs in Jurassic World Evolution. Let’s start with how to get fossils.

In order to create a certain species of dinosaur, you’ll first have to find the correct genes in fossils. You’ll need an Expedition Center to find more of them. All you need to do is click on the Expedition Center and select a dig site to excavate. After a little time has passed, you’ll receive fossils.

From here it’s a case of heading to your nearest Hammond Center to incubate an egg, at which point you’ll be asked to plug in specific genes which you got from the fossils you dug up. These different genes will allow you to change the appearance, stats and temperament of your new dinosaur, at which point you can bring it into the world. You’ll need more Expedition Centers to unlock more dig sites and therefore more dinosaurs in Jurassic World Evolution, and you can either purchase them with the money you’ve earned or receive them as rewards for completing missions.

Jurassic World Evolution Divisions – Science, Entertainment and Security Divisions and What They Do

In Jurassic World Evolution, you have to manage the happiness level of your guests in order to turn a profit each month. You also have to manage your reputation with three separate divisions. They include the Science Division, Entertainment Division and the Security Division. We’ll break down what each one does in the following list:

  • Science Division
    – The Science Division is involved with the research and creation of new dinosaur species. Their reputation is increased by ensuring your dinosaurs are healthy, and for experimenting with new gene combinations. The Science Division has its own set of missions, which usually involve creating a new dinosaur, enclosure or research item.
  • Entertainment Division
    – The Entertainment Division relies on how happy your guests are, and how much profit you’re bringing in. Ensuring you have new dinosaur enclosures, viewing platforms and attraction is key to keeping you reputation up. Its missions usually involve creating new attractions for park-goers to revel at.
  • Security Division
    – With potentially dangerous dinosaurs being your main source of income, you’re going to want some pretty robust security. Dinosaurs will break out and mulai rampaging through your park. The Security Division deals with handling these situations, and your reputation with them governs how successful these operations will be. Their Missions usually involve upgrading ACU buildings and successfully taking down dinosaurs in a quick, and non-lethal fashion.

Jurassic World Evolution Beginner’s Tips and Tricks

  • Be sure to keep your reputation in good standing with all three divisions. It might be tempting to focus on one to attain a specific goal, but you’ll need all three to progress. Try to keep a good balance while playing.
  • To gain access to more dinosaurs, you’ll need to unlock more Dig Sites. You do this by building more Expedition Centers.
  • Look out for a blue icon above Expedition Centers, this indicates that you can send out dig teams. You should always be sending out teams whenever possible.
  • Remember that rewards from Expeditions include more than just Fossils. You’ll also gain resources which you can sell, and you absolutely should.
  • You’ll need to manage your power stations to ensure you can power all of your enclosures and centers. Once you build new ones, make sure you connect them to the power lines.
  • While flying the helicopter and shooting down rogue dinosaurs is definitely fun, it’s actually much easier to assign the task to the ACU and have them carry it out automatically. This frees you up to perform other actions.
  • Once the ACU has tranquilized a dinosaur, make sure you transport it back to an enclosure.
  • This also applies to dead dinosaurs. Your dinosaurs will die after a while, so make sure you remove them or else you’ll affect the other dinosaurs in an enclosure.
  • You can press x or r to remove HUD after taking screenshots
  • You canhonk your horn with L3/H, this will alert/panic dinosaurs
  • Carry over valuable resources to each island as you progress, this will give a significant head-mulai

Jurassic World Evolution Digital and Physical Release Date – When is Jurassic World Evolution Coming Out?

If you’re wondering when exactly you can play Jurassic World Evolution, we have some good news for you. The game is actually out now (June 12), meaning you can get started on building your very own Jurassic Park. The game is currently only available digitally, with a physical release planned for next month (July 3).

Jurassic World Evolution Platforms

If you’d expected Jurassic World Evolution to be a completely PC affair, we’d forgive you. Simulation games are hard to nail on console so versions on these platforms are often seen as an afterthought. Luckily, the team behind the game have chosen to launch Jurassic World Evolution on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Jurassic World Evolution Price

There are a couple of different versions of Jurassic World Evolution to choose from, even more now the Physical version has come out. Here’s the price of each Jurassic World Evolution version:

  • Jurassic World Evolution Digital – $59.99
  • Jurassic World Evolution Digital Deluxe – $64.99
  • Jurassic World Evolution Physical – $59.99

Is Jurassic World Evolution Multiplayer

After spending some time with the game, many have wondered whether there are any plans for multiplayer features in Jurassic World Evolution. Unfortunately, the developer hasn’ufuk indicated one way or the other as to whether there will be any multiplayer added. We’ll keep you updated with any news on this, as we’d definitely be up for visiting our friends’ parks as visitors, or letting their dinosaurs loose and ruining everything.

Jurassic World Evolution The Depths DLC – Will the Game Get Aquatic Water Dinosaurs

Now that the Fallen Kingdom DLC has come and gone, many fans are looking at what content might come to Jurassic World Evolution in the future. The most requested DLCis definitely the inclusion of aquatic dinosaurs in Jurassic World Evolution. This topic was brought up in an interview that content creator TheGamingBeaver did with the developers. They said that if the interest was there, they would definitely look into adding aquatic dinosaurs to Jurassic World Evolution, though wouldn’t reveal whether anything was already in the works. You can watch the interview in the video below, and stay tuned for any news on future Jurassic World Evolution DLC as we get it.

Jurassic World Evolution How to Take Photos

You can take photos of your dinosaur collection for cool bonuses and rewards. It can be a little unclear what the criteria can be for different photos sometimes, so here’s all the details you need on how to take photos in Jurassic World Evolution:

  • You’ll get bonuses depending on how many dinosaurs are in the shot
  • Framing is important, put the most interesting dinosaur in the middle
  • You get bonuses for photos which show dinosaurs carrying out different activities e.g Hunting, eating, drinking, fighting, running etc

That’s everything we’ve put together so far for Jurassic World Evolution. We’ll be adding more info as we get it so be sure to check back for more dino-sim action.

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