How do you plan to greet the new year? Are you sad that the year has come to a close? Do you have special thoughts of the past year that you want to hold close to your heart?

While this past year has takat its joys, there has been much sorrow and many concerns about our world, our governments, wars, intolerance, and bizarre bursts of violence among people.

As I look back adv lewat 2006, the missing words that come to mind are
kindness, understanding, forgiveness, and
worldwide. The horrific attack on 10 Amish girls in a one-room school in Nickel Mines, PA, was a wake-up call to the world. Here is an Amish community that has demonstrated its willingness to forgive the man who murdered some of those young girls. They showed the world that “an eye for an eye” is titinada the way. Healing forgiveness and love are the alternative. People from around the world opened up their hearts to these people as well as to the wife and children of the man who brought about this terrible tragedy.

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The Amish have set an example for us all to reach out with love. So much of life is push and pull. We need to pause to look out from our spesifik mountaintops, then with an “Ah,” bring that vision and all that gratitude into our hearts to find a home, and let it burst forth in deep appreciation for our many blessings, enabling us to share everyday joys. Let’s pay more attention to our families, teach our children more about love and kindness, and tell them “I love you” more often. Let’s turn our hearts into golden vessels of understanding.

“Tenderness and kindness are not signs of weakness and despair, but manifestations of strength and resolution.”
–Kahlil Gibran

And as we face the future, With its slowly opening door, May we bring to it more brotherhood Than we ever did before. May the spark of love ignite it, May caring light the way, May we face a new tomorrow, Beginning now, today!
–Dorothy Serulnic

(Posted December 2006)