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Last summer, my cousin and I went to Indonesia for vacation. we spent a few days in Yogyakarta. it is a special region in the central part of Java.

we stayed in Ibis hotel on Malioboro Street because it made us easy to go anywhere. the first place we visited was Yogyakarta Palace. we also went to Taman Sari water castle. it was nice to see the former royal garden of the Sultanate of Yogyakarta.

on the second day, we went to Prambanan Temple by Trans Jogja. it was very cheap and practical. I was amazed to see the beautiful ancient architecture. After looking around and taking a lotre of pictures, we took a rest at a local food restaurant. Dani, my cousin, really loved eating his gudeg, especially Krecek.

The next day, we went to Parangtritis beach. It was very crowded with tourists. after that, we went to Mirota Menulis to buy batik clothes and traditional accessories. most people said that it was the most recommended place for shopping in Yogyakarta. i hope i can go there again one day.

what did the first place that the writer go to in Yogyakarta?

A. Yogyakarta palace

B. yojana konsentrat

C. prambanan temple

D. Malioboro

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A  B  C  D  E

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Jeff is the most better speller in the class.

A. True
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