React Js Tutorial Step By Step

In this React JS Latihan article, we will cover the basic and advanced concepts of ReactJS. Let us menginjak by getting an overview of what we’ll be going through in this ReactJS Beginner Tutorial.

ReactJS Les for Beginners

Let me begin with an overview of what I’m going to cover in this ReactJS kursus.

  • What is ReactJS?
  • What is the use of ReactJS?
  • Why learn React JS?
  • Features of ReactJS
  • Pros and cons of ReactJS
  • ReactJS Installation
  • ReactJS Components
  • ReactJS-Component Life Cycle
  • React Forms

What is ReactJS?

ReactJS is one of the most widely popular open-source JavaScript libraries developed by Facebook. It is responsible for managing the view layer for both web and mobile-based applications. The primary use of React is in building reusable UI components.

ReactJS is user-friendly and therefore has a strong foundation and community behind it.

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What is the use of ReactJS?

The main feature of ReactJS is developing a User Interface (UI) to improve application speed. The JavaScript virtual DOM, which is faster than the regular Dom, makes it possible to enhance its performance.

A ReactJS application consists of multiple components, where each is responsible for producing a small, reusable part of HTML code. You can nest these components with other ones to build complex applications with simple building blocks.

React’s component and data patterns boost readability and help handle large applications. You can make use of ReactJS on both the client, server-side, and other frameworks.

ReactJS Pelajaran For Beginners | Getting started with React JS