Tornado Wreaks Havoc In Semarang

Soal PG Bahasa Inggris Kelas 12 Semester 1 Kurikulum 2022 Part 5

Soal PG Bahasa Inggris Kelas 12 Semester 1 Kurikulum 2022 Part 5

Soal PG Bahasa Inggris Kelas 12 Semester 1 Kurikulum 2022 bagian kelima berisikan materi nan diambil mulai sejak Gerbang 5 tentang news item dan construct news item.
Materi ini yaitu kelanjutan berpangkal Pertanyaan PG Bahasa Inggris Kelas bawah 12 Semester 1 Kurikulum 2022 Part 4

Berikut ini adalah Soal PG Bahasa Inggris Kelas bawah 12 Semester 1 Kurikulum 2022 edisi revisi yang dilengkapi dengan sendi jawaban.

Tanya PG Bahasa Inggris Papan bawah 12 Semester 1 Kurikulum 2022 Part 5

Choose the correct answer by crossing (x) a, b, c, d, or e!

The following text is for number 1 to 5

Man Jailed for Striking Indonesian Maid

SINGAPORE : A juru ramal was jailed for two months for repeatedly striking his Indonesian maid on the head and back with a television remote control, news reports said on Thusday.

      Muhammad Shafiq Woon Abdulah admitted in a Singapore court he physically abused the women on several occasions between June and October 2002, The Straits Times said. The magistrate’s court heart that Shafiq, 31, began striking Winarti, 22, about a mohth after she started working for him.

      S.S. Dhilon, Sha q’s lawyer, said his client lost his “better senses” when he saw his daugter’s working to him.

      He said his client thought the maid had put child in danger.

1. How long was the suvervisor jailed?
a. Two years
b. Twelve years
c. Two days
d. Two weeks
e. Two months
Answer : e

2. Why was the man Jailed? Because….
a. He broke a television’s remote
b. He struck his maid
c. He put the child in danger
d. He doesn’n like Indonesian woman
e. He has a”better senses”
Answer : b

3. When did the penilik abused his maid?
a. June and October 2003
b. June and November 2002
c. July and October2002
d. June and October 2002
e. August and October 2002
Answer : d

4. What is meaning of’daydreaming’ in Indonesian?
a. Cita-cita
b. Impian
c. Keinginan
d. Dini hari
e. Lamunan
Answer : e

5. How old was the maid?
a. 23
b. 22
c. 31
d. 32
e. 20
Answer : b

This following text is for number 6 to 10.

Tornado wreaks Havoc in Semarang

Residents assess the damage after a angin limbubu damage 150 hauses in the distric of Tembalag in Semarang, Central Java late on Saturday afternoon. Three people were injured and at least five houses in the Sendangguwo and Tandang neighborhoods were destroyed, while many others were seriously damaged as the angin langkisau ripped off their roofs. Thoirin Aka Menang atas, 40, a resident whose house was leveled at the Perigi Asri housing complex, said the winds hit about 4 p.m.

         “I saw this black wind coming and becoming pointed into a funnel. It suddenly approached and hit my house,” he said.

          Tohirin’s wife two children and mother-in law were in the kichen at the time when the tornado known locally as “Ulur-raih” passed adv lewat their home, destroying the guest and bedrooms.

         “It was as if the wind had lifted my home up,” Thoirin said.

          The disaster also destroyed the walls of four neighboring houses.

          Many other homes in the provinsi lost their roofs residents and neighbors perenggan started rebuilding on Sunday.

          Tembalang distric head Dayat said the tornado also demage a small masque and felled power lines and about 50 trees.

         His ofce was still collecting data on the hit the distric in living memory.

Semarang Mayor Sukawi Sutarip and his wife, Sinto Sukawi, visited the scene on Sunday, accompanied by senior ofcials.

         “We will provide the victims with assistance immediately ,” the mayoral spokesman Achyani said.

6. How many houses were destroyed by the angin puyuh in the Sendangguwo and Sambang neighborhoods?
a. Less than five houses
b. More than ten houses
c. Five houses or more
d. Exactly five or more
e. Three houses
Answer : c

7. The siklon hit the distric was….
a. At dawn
b. In the morning
c. In the afternoon
d. In the evening
e. At midnight
Answer : c

8. Which parts of Tohirin’s house were destroyed?
a. The kichen and guestroom
b. The guest rooms and the bathroom
c. The bathroom and the kichen
d. The guest and bedroom
e. The living room and the bedrooms
Answer : d

9. Who rebuilt the damaged homes?
a. The residents
b. The residents and neighbors
c. The Tembalang Distric Head
d. The mayor of Semarang
e. The Mayoral spokesman
Answer : c

10. Who is Sukawi Sutarip?
a. A resident of the District of Tembalang
b. Tohirin’s neighbor
c. A victim of the distater
d. A Villager of Sendangguwo
e. The Mayor of Semarang
Answer : e

This following text is for number 11 to 15.

Volcanic Eruption I Sulawesi

After several days of increased activity, the National Disaseter Mitigation Agency (BNPB) has announced that North Sulawesi’s Mount Lokon erupted at 10:20 a.m. on Tuesday.

       The height at which lava shot the volcano was unknown as clouds blocked the full view.

        The agency declared areas within 2.5 kilometer radius from the mountain’s peak dangerous and urged nearby residents to stay alert.

        There are no residential areas within that zone. “There might be other eruptions. We call on the residents to stay calm,” agency of spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said in a statement sent to The Jakarta Post. The agency said that the residents living outside the zone did not need to evacuate yet.

11. The location of Mount Lokon is on….
a. North Sulawesi
b. Easty Sulawesi
c. South Sulawesi
d. West Sumatra
e. West Sulawesi
Answer : a

12. The eruption is held on….
a. Monday
b. Thursday
c. Wednesday
d. Tuesday
e. Friday
Answer : d

13. What is the radius of the eruption?
a. 2 km
b. 2,5 km
c. 3 km
d. 4 km
e. 5 km
Answer : b

14. The kind of text is that is….
a. News item
b. Descriptive
c. Narrative
d. Report
e. Exposible
Answer : a

15. The tense do we usually see in the text is….
a. Past tense
b. Present tense
c. Present perfect tense
d. Past perfect tense
e. Future tense
Answer : a

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